Science, cooperation and value partnership for a better future

BilimKoop is a labor and nature-centric value production network, based on scientific processes and the benefits of a culture of solidarity and open innovation.

BilimKoop is a cooperative. It was founded by people working on scientific, technical, design research and development fields.. Every business is developed by a business collective.

BilimKoop is a social cooperative. It does not pay salaries and compensations to the members of the board of directors. It does not distribute dividends to its partners. It is an egalitarian organization where partners share the values they produce in proportion to their contributions.

Our Solutions and Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services from brand strategy to impact analysis for your projects and products.
Sharing knowledge and experience can be the key to speed, power and creativity to tackle a problem and make products and services better.
With an interdisciplinary approach and a collective consciousness, we rethink and redesign the business processes of institutions, local governments and cooperatives.
Production sites describe all kinds of places where production is made such as factories, workshops, makerspaces, campuses, social production areas, social living spaces, offices, co-working spaces, incubation centers, public buildings, playgrounds. These areas can no longer be considered independent of science, technology and design approaches.
With an agile development approach, we develop applications that accelerate product/service/business development processes, including active participation of stakeholders, including beneficiaries and customers in the first place.
The market is not a war zone, it is an environment where risks turn into opportunities and grow exponential for those who practice the principles of coopetition
We strive to make the world a better place by creating digital and physical products, services and experiences that people love.
No matter how well you master the scenarios for the future, agility and adaptability are essential to deal with change and transformation!

We embrace and advocate a solidarity economy and a value-based social model.

Collective Intelligence and Collaboration

Allowing and encouraging participation and implementing collaboration methods that maximize both the exchange of ideas and the selection of good ideas.

A Learning Organism

Improving our members, collective talents, work quality and human communication with the continuous mentoring model we apply.

Shared Values and Principles

Applying the universal cooperative principles, all regulatory, national and international ethical rules at the highest level

Sustainable Development

Protecting the environment and biological diversity, not disturbing the balance of the ecosystem, repairing and developing it.