C4EST - Token and DAO Based Crowdsource 4 Afforestation

The C4EST project, carried out by a working collective consisting of experts from different science and engineering disciplines, under the umbrella of BilimKoop Scientific Research and Development Cooperative, is a decentralized, sustainable and industrial afforestation project financed by crowdsourcing and cryptocurrency and managed by DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization).

With our C4EST project, we aim to meet the needs of sectors with high timber demand and consumption such as the furniture, construction and energy sector from the areas where industrial forestry is cultivated instead of natural forest assets. Thus we will help to expand the production of biomass for carbon capturing instead of industrial materials with high carbon emissions. We believe that our project will be an impactful project that does not harm the ecosystem and preserves biodiversity.

Photo by Marita Kavelashvili on Unsplash

C4EST, concentrates on sustainable circular bioeconomy boundary perspective for forestry and forest-based industry mostly on the Mediterranean region. The idea of C4EST developed centered on these questions of whether we have enough forest resources for sustainable circular bioeconomy and how we could make individuals more active. We believe that spreading afforestation, reforestation and plantation investments, which are generally accepted as patient investments in the forestry society, to individuals will go beyond the traditional known as income returns with new blockchain technologies and crowdsourcing opportunities.

C4EST will use blockchain and geographic information systems together to manage the entire life cycle of biomass in a transparent way, from the first moment of the plantation process until it turns into an industrial product.

We are developing our project with a scientific and industrial understanding, unlike afforestation projects, which are defined as “greenwashing”, which has become increasingly widespread lately, without considering the social and environmental effects and largely for PR purposes. We define collaborative working grounds with other carbon and green growth focused blockchain projects, DAOs, government agencies, universities, and research institutes.

C4EST became one of the 13 projects selected from all over the world for the incubation program carried out within the Chromia Innovation Lab. We will carry out the technical launch of our project in May 2022. Before launch, we are taking mentorship from the developers and investors of important green-growth focused blockchain projects such as Green Asset Wallet.

If you want to be informed about C4EST or to contribute in any development phases of the project, you can reach us via our contact page .