Sharing knowledge and experience can be the key to speed, power and creativity to tackle a problem and make products and services better.

Any technological challenge or problem can be solved efficiently and in ways that were not possible before, with the participation of talents from different industries, with different skills. The purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge transfers of the Open Innovation approach make this possible. Open innovation practices are also applied in creating better products and services.

Open innovation and the value network it creates; it serves many purposes such as finding quick solutions to the urgent / common problems of a business or sector, improving a product or service, building reputation and trust, reaching out to stakeholders who can cooperate in the future, meeting with potential employees with different competencies within the framework of common values.

The concept of open innovation has been on the agenda for years as an effective method in the innovation ecosystem. Businesses and organizations are excited about the idea of innovating in a participatory way, but turning that excitement into innovation requires a series of seemingly complex processes.

We are a cooperative founded by people who are advocates of open innovation and have worked for many years to promote this culture. We use open innovation practices such as hackathon, ideathon, makeathon, datathon, etc. effectively both within the cooperative and in product/service development processes for our stakeholders. Regardless of the problem, we are able to discover experts from different disciplines who can contribute to the solution with a network of open innovation stakeholders, and quickly create temporary workgroups for the problem/product/service.

We are ready to unlock the potential of open innovation together.