“The only truly abundant resource at our disposal is human potential, and we are devouring that resource faster than the rate at which the earth is depleting its finite material resources."

Pëtr Kropotkin

No matter how well you master the scenarios for the future, agility and adaptability are essential to deal with change and transformation!

The roles and skills needed by industries and the market are being reshaped due to developments in digital technologies and global crises such as pandemics and climate crises. It is predicted that in the near future, the vast majority of existing jobs will be transformed by technology and employees will need new skills.

Numerous studies also show the wide gap between the skills available and the skills needed. To reduce this gap; it is possible to foresee and develop the skills that will be needed in the future business environment and always stay up-to-date as an institution or an individual.

As BilimKoop, we are ready to help businesses, cooperatives, local governments and non-governmental organizations make their skills development journeys more efficient and help them train the workforce of tomorrow, based on the individual experience and knowledge of our partners.